Bumi-Green Clay, Matcha, Maca Root & Hemp


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Cleanse, tone and soothe your skin with our gentle Green Clay, Matcha, Hemp & Maca Root face mask. Green Clay gently draws out impurities, exfoliates dead skin cells and firms the skin, brightening and tightening your complexion. Matcha Green Tea is highly antibacterial, treating blemishes and rejuvenating the skin with its antioxidant profile. Hemp Protein Powder provides antioxidants and a concentrated protein shot, strengthening your skins barrier and moisturising with Omega 3 fatty acid. Soothing aloe vera powder is rich in enzymes, vitamins A and C, and so is anti-inflammatory and aids in treating psoriasis and dry skin. It also helps to regenerate skin tissue. Maca root powder helps to increase collagen production with its rich vitamin D and E content.

How to use

Mix it up! This mask can be mixed with a number of ingredients such as Water, Yogurt, or Almond Milk (or a combination of each) to achieve the desired results for your skin type. Our favourite option is to mix it with Almond Milk, as this is gentle, soothing and refreshing (especially straight out of the fridge). For dry skin, we recommend mixing with Yogurt, or Almond milk. To avoid the mask drying out skin (and to allow you to keep it on for longer), we recommend spritzing your face with water to keep the mask moist. We love spritzing with Rosemary water as it's refreshing, grounding and earthy.



Hemp Powder*, Lepidium meyenii (Maca Root) Powder, Montmorillonite (French Green) Clay, Camellia Sinesis (Matcha Green Tea) Powder, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder

*Certified Organic Ingredients 

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