Buttermilk was created in 1964 with the aim of making delicious confectionery treats. Over the years they’ve developed and grown, but what’s stayed the same is their desire to make truly exceptional treats.

Their mission today is simple; to craft deliciously indulgent award-winning treats that everyone will love.

Buttermilk are on a mission to create niggle-free nibbles that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re dairy free due to intolerance or allergy, or living your best plant-based vegan life, they believe that everyone should be able to share Buttermilk goodies. Without having to compromise on taste, quality, or value (hurrah). Their dairy-free and vegan choccies are palm-oil free and the packaging is fully compostable. Because if you’re going to have a treat, it should be a really really good one.

Please note: Not all of Buttermilk products are Vegan, we will only ever have their Vegan range. 

Buttermilk Choccy Peanutsters | Vegan and Dairy Free M & M's

Buttermilk-Choccy Peanutsters


Buttermilk Peanut Butter Crunch Milk Chocolate Bites | Vegan and Dairy Free

Buttermilk-Peanut Butter Crunch


Buttermilk-Dark Chocolate Coated Caramel Sea Salt Honeycomb | Vegan

Buttermilk-Dark Chocolate Coated Caramel Sea Salt Ho...


Buttermilk Fudgy Vanilla Milk Chocolate Bites | Vegan and Dairy Free

Buttermilk-Vanilla Fudgy Bites


Buttermilk Salted Caramel Cups Milk Chocolate Bites | Vegan and Dairy Free

Buttermilk-Salted Caramel Cups


Buttermilk Caramel Nougat Bar | Dairy and Gluten Free | Plant Based

Buttermilk-Caramel Nougat Bar


Buttermilk Chocolate Truffles | Vegan, Dairy Free & Plastic Free

Buttermilk-Choccy Truffles


Buttermilk Honeycomb Blask Bar | Gluten and Dairy Free | Vegan Snacks

Buttermilk-Honeycomb Blast Bar


Buttermilk Peanut Nougat Snack Bar | Dairy Free | Vegan and Palm Oil Free

Buttermilk-Peanut Nougat Bar


Buttermilk Crispy Berry Sundae White Chocolate Bar | Vegan, Dairy Free & Plastic Free

Buttermilk-Crispy Berry Sundae Choccy Bar


Buttermilk-Mint Choccy Truffles | Vegan & Dairy Free

Buttermilk-Mint Choccy Truffles


Buttermilk-Hot Choccy Bomb | Vegan & Dairy Free

Buttermilk-Hot Choccy Bomb


Buttermilk-Truffle Chocolate Shuffle Advent Calendar | Vegan & Dairy Free

Buttermilk-Truffle Shuffle Advent Calendar