Sintra Naturals-Face & Body Exfoliating Cubes | Mini




4 Cubes

These body and face exfoliating cubes are a zero waste version of the typical scrubs and have a certain ease of usage as you don't have to scoop out the scrub with your hands and risk contaminating the whole pot. Just take 1 or 2 cubes with you into the bath and start rubbing onto the skin and exfoliate away! 

The bulk of the exfoliation comes from bamboo stem powder which is very mild and rich in natural organic silica which does wonders for our skin , bamboo powder is considered as natural dermabrasion without using any harmful tools.

They added apricot kernel oil and lemon seed oil for moisturising and anti-inflammation.

The hardness from the cubes comes from stearic acid which is natural derivative from butters and oils like shea and rapeseed oil.

The deep cleansing part comes from kaolin clay and rhassoul clay which are well known for drawing impurities out gently. 

The rosy pink colour comes from raspberry powder which is a power source of vitamin c and we all know how good vitamin c is for our skin .

And finally the cubes smell heavenly with added orange and may chang essential oils.

All natural , no chemicals or preservatives or toxins.

x4 Cubes 

How to use

Just take one or two cubes into the shower or bath and start massaging onto the skin and feel the exfoliation, these are very mild exfoliating cubes so suitable for all skin types and from face to toe. 

Store in a dry place/ for external use only/keep away from children.



Prunus armeniaca (apricot)kernel oil,Bambusa arundinacea powder,white kaolin clay,raspberry powder,stearic acid (palm free) , cetyl alchohol, polysorbate80, citrus limonum (lemonseed)oil,citrus aurantium (orange ) dulci oil,Litsea cubeba fruit oil (maychang).

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