This Way-Aloe Vera After Sun Gel




Sustainable packaging:
The Aloe Vera After Sun Gel comes in an airless bootle which is environmentally friendly, with zero CFC emissions.
The atmospheric system used in an airless technology system means there is no air intake and no air contact with the product formula so the preservation benefits are extraordinary. In short, you do not waste any gel. 

What is it?
- This Way Calming Hero Gel is an after sun gel with Aloe Vera.

How to use it:
- Apply to body and face for calming and healing effect. Use daily or when you want to give your face and body extra moist. 
Perfect to use after the shower. 

- Captures and retains moisture
- Natural booster of healing of the skin
- Reduces infections and acne
- Fights against age-induced skin and hair dryness
- Plumps skin with hyaluronic acid
- Clinically proven to increase hydration
- Made of natural sugars and biomimetic moisturizers

Inside me:
- Scent:
Our mix of mint, lavender, and citrus.

- Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera gel is one of the best natural remedies to accelerate skin repair process. In addition, it is highly beneficial for moisturizing the skin, as well as treating acne, cold sores, irritations and eczema problems, thanks to its soothing activity.

- Glycerin (5%):
is an ingredient that provides hydration, facilitates the humidification and is a good vehicle for the active ingredients present in the formulation.

- Zemea Propanediol (15%):
is a natural and highly pure colorless glycol, derived from sustainable and renewable corn sugar fermentation process. It is made from 100% All Natural Corn Sugar and contains no added preservatives, petroleum bases ingredients or animal by-products.

- Hydroviton Plus (3%):
a skin friendly care enriched with natural moisturizers inside to boost the hydration process at its source. It is a instant, long lasting moisturizer proven to deliver intense hair hydration and 48hour skin moisturization. Hydroviton Plus has skin thirst-quenching ingredients that restore skin moisture content of each layer to prevent water diversion loss, and enhance the water retention capacity of the skin itself.