About Us

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About Us

How it all started

Chloe, our founder, has always passionately fought against the injustice of animal testing & the use of animals full stop, but she decided that she needed to find a way to make an even bigger impact. On this mission to make a difference, Chloe began Freedm Street (previously The Cruelty Free Beauty Box) as a way of opening people’s eyes to the cruel world of animal testing whilst encouraging people to remove animal products from their beauty regime (now from their lifestyle & food too!) and making it that much easier to discover great cruelty free & vegan products!

With so many factors to take into account when putting cruelty free into the equation, finding brands that you know you can trust to be ethical isn’t always easy. Though many companies claim to not test on animals, with fake logos, brands that have 3rd parties do their animal testing for them or use ingredients that aren’t cruelty free, as well as companies that sell to countries where they legally have to test cosmetic products on animals, it’s important to look further into cruelty free claims.

Freedm Street was born out of the frustration of navigating this maze and to make it much easier for you to discover great cosmetic products that don’t cause unnecessary suffering. 

Our aim

We believe in speaking up for the voiceless and changing the perception of what’s acceptable to do in the name of cosmetics. After all, we wouldn’t allow our pets, or our children, to be subjected to the torture of cosmetic testing, so why do we allow other animals to be exploited in this way?

Whilst it can feel as if one person can’t make a difference, by buying from us, you’re strengthening the voice that tells companies that testing on animals isn’t acceptable.

We work with an array of amazing brands; some big names you may recognise already, and some incredible independent brands just waiting to be discovered! We carefully handpick all of our brands and have done all the research for you so that you can shop with confidence, knowing that all our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

We can't wait to have you on board and together help put an end to animal testing!

Lots of Love 

Team Freedm Street x