Beauty Bank FAQs

Buying Products for Beauty Banks
from our Giving Back Page 
Step 1-Select which product (s) you wish to donate, the 25% discount has already been taken off the RRP of them all too. 
Step 2-Add it like you would when placing an order for anything else in our shop
Step 3-Pay as normal & we'll then add your donation product (s) to our donations Box ready to send to Beauty Banks at the end of the month, that's it! 
Returning Products from your Subscription Box
that just weren't quite to your taste
How it works
If you received a product that wasn't quite to your taste in one of your boxes, you can now send it back to us for us to send it on to Beauty Banks. By sending products back, you're helping save on waste & give to someone less fortunate, but there's rewards in it for you too! Every product you return to us will earn you 100 Bunny Rewards & if you send 5 or more back at once (to help save carbon footprint), you'll receive a bonus 250 Freedm Rewards on top of the 100 for each product! 
Step 1-Make sure your product is unused & is from the last 6 months or so of featuring in one of our boxes. 
Step 2-Wrap your products safely and securely with a note of your name & email address for us to then know where to add your points to (Don't have a Bunny Rewards account? Simply create an account here) Freedm Rewards are only available within our shop & are not valid for our Subscription Boxes
Step 3-Give us 3-5 days from when we receive your products & you'll get an email confirming we have received them and that your Freedm Rewards have been added to your account, ready for you to spend! 
Our address is Freedm Street Ltd, First Floor Unit, Thoresby Park, Budby, Newark, Notts, NG22 9EX