Subscription Box FAQ's

Subscription Box FAQ's 


-100% Plastic Free 

-3-6 Products 

-Every 2 Months 

-Min double value 

-Personalise your box (E.g what skin type you have, if you do or don't want make up. your favourite scent etc)

-Can include Make Up, Hair care, Bath & Body, Skincare, Fragrance, Nails & more! 


-Maximum 1/3 of products are in plastic packaging, less where possible

-5-8 Products 

-Every 2 Months 

-Min double value 

-Personalise your box (E.g what skin type you have, if you do or don't want make up. your favourite scent etc)

-Can include Make Up, Hair care, Bath & Body, Skincare, Fragrance, Nails & more! 


-It's the Original Box but with Lifestyle Products & Snacks

-7-12 Products 

-Every 2 Months 

-Min double value 

-Personalise your box (E.g what skin type you have, if you do or don't want make up. your favourite scent etc)

-Can include Make Up, Hair care, Bath & Body, Skincare, Fragrance, Nails & more! 


How often are boxes sent?

Boxes are sent every 2 months (February, April, June, August, October & December)


When will I be charged?

You will be charged when you place your order & your 1st Box will be sent within 3-5 days if the current box is still available-See further down if the current box is sold out.
You will then be charged again for your next box on the 1st of the month it's due (Feb, April, June, August, October, Dec)
If the current box has sold out (check banner at the top of the homepage), your 1st box will be our next box, which ships around the 10th of the month.
We will not charge you a renewal on the 1st of the month as you have already paid for it. After this, you will be charged again on the 1st of the following month your box is due (Feb, April, June, August, October, Dec)


Do you repeat the same products? 

Nope! You won't receive the same product more than once in a 12 month period and after that, it's also unlikely and would only be the odd one if it's something we  and you loved! 


How Much Does It Cost? Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fee's-Cancel anytime before your next payment is due!
-Mini £25.95 every 2 months
-Original £33.95 every 2 months
-Deluxe £44.95 every 2 months
All boxes include Free UK Shipping (International starts from £4.95-£7.95)


Can I cancel?

Of course! You can do this really easily in your account, head to 'edit' once you're logged in and you'll then see an option to skip or cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime on your account, but you must cancel before your renewal is due to prevent you from being charged, if you cancel after you have been charged, we aren't able to issue a refund as your subscription will have been processed. We can only issue a refund if you send the box back to us within 30 days of receiving it and in its original condition. 

Subscribers outside of the UK
You may be asked to pay customs import Tax or VAT charges and a local handling fee if your order passes through your local customs office.
Freedm Street are not responsible for these charges and will not refund these charges.
Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges or the costs applicable as these vary from country to country.
We recommend you contact your local customs office to find out more about any possible charges you may be required to pay before subscribing.




Is everything actually 100% Cruelty Free & Vegan?



All companies featured in our boxes & in our shop are researched thoroughly by the founder of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box. Before we even discuss anything with a Company and begin to look into them, they must firstly complete our supplier form which enables us to hear what they stand for & their values. Chloe then begins researching the Company. Before featuring a Company within our boxes or shop, they must sign our Cruelty Free & Vegan Declaration Policy!

In brief, here's what we stand for:

  1. They DO NOT test on animals at any point during production of their products and have an FCOD

  2. They DO NOT allow third parties to test their products on animals.

  3. The ingredients they use from suppliers are NOT tested on animals.

  4. They DO NOT allow countries to test on animals when required by law (For Example, Cosmetics sold in China are required by Law to be tested on animals)

  5. They are NOT owned by a company who isn't Cruelty Free-E.g The Body Shop was owned by L'Oréal.

  6. Product in question/range must be 100% Vegan

Number 5 depends on preference for a lot of people. We wanted to make Cruelty Free as easy as possible so, we will always have all 6 of the above ticked-No if, buts or maybes.


What packaging do you use?


Whichever one you go for is sent in a recycled & recyclable brown box with our branding on. Now brown may seem a little, meh...but there's a reason for it. Brown means it hasn't been bleached! Don't worry, you'll find some colour on the inside! 


We've stepped away from our biodegradable mailing bags because we realised it was just another product we didn't need to use and there's been a lot lately that they actually take a long time do degrade! So, our boxes are now secured with recycled tape, that's also recyclable and biodegradable


You'll find some lovely fluffy packaging, that's also recycled, recyclable & biodegradable.

Description Card

These bad boys are plantable! Yes, you read that right, once you're done with them, you can plant them to turn them into flowers...They're printed in house to save with vegetable ink!  


Do you donate do any Charities?

We sure do! 10% off profits from our subscription boxes go to Cruelty Free Charities.


Planting Trees

We also plant a tree for every 5 boxes in the Indonesian Rainforest!


Can I send products back to you that I haven't used?

The way we've done our boxes, hopefully creates less waste, but, we know not everything is always going to be for everyone, no matter what we do. So yes, you'll find some instructions in with your box as to how you can do this and you'll be rewarded in return. We don't keep those products, we donate them on to those in need. 


What's the value of each box?

Boxes will be a minimum of double value of what you have paid (Excludes International Shipping fee's) Most of the time it's more, don't worry, you'll be getting an amazing deal.

We will always do our best on value, unlike a lot of other boxes, we don't want our boxes to be 'as much as you can get for next to nothing', we want them to be enjoyed, personalised to your taste whilst still being a surprise, low on waste and also ethical to the companies whose products we feature by paying them for the products, whilst still amazing value! 


Have we missed something? Drop us an email and we'll be happy to help :)