Freedm Street-2020 Advent Calendar


Availability - NEARLY SOLD OUT (Last few Advents remaining) 


IMPORTANT-Please don't order anything else with your Advent Calendar and please only purchase one Advent Calendar per order (a second one can be purchased on a separate order) this is due to the shipping method we are using & the size of the packaging for them. Please place a separate order if you wish to buy something else or more than one Advent Calendar, thank you :) 


Introducing Eco Wonderland...

The UK's first Advent Calendar of its type!

It's not only Cruelty Free and Vegan, but it's also Plastic Free...

It's not just beauty, it also contains lifestyle products, snacks AND 3 doors aren't products, they reveal the good deed you’ve done for a Charity this Christmas!

Not only the above, but it's also customisable, choose whether you want makeup or not, and if you do, what colours. Also choose what top size you are for the clothing product inside! 

Filled with some of the best, sustainable and plastic free products from mostly small businesses, including skincare, bath, body, hair and makeup (if you opt for the makeup option, if you opt for no makeup, you'll receive skincare and lifestyle products instead), clothing, home fragrance & sweet treats! 

Reusable Box made from Kraft paper board that will keep those bits and bobs safe and sound for years to come. 

Contains 17 Full Size Products by 17 Brands 

x17 Beauty Products 

x2 Lifestyle Products 

x2 Snack Products 

x3 Good Deed Doors

RRP £325 (not including Charity)

Want to see the full reveal? Watch Sammy Lou's Unboxing here 

We're planting trees too, we're offsetting the production of the boxes, products and shipping! 

Each will have a hidden bunny on it, but one will be Golden Bunny. Find the Golden Bunny and win a £300 voucher for our website!

Please make sure you select the options on the drop down menu before buying. Top Size relates to the clothing item :)

We totally understand the price of the Advent Calendar may not be for everyone, but the cost involved to produce this type of Advent is very high due to the nature of it, along with the months it has taken to put together and we'll not mention the sleepless nights 🙊

Products that are also more sustainable, also don't come at the lower prices we're use to, which is something we want to help change, and help the world become more sustainable! Every brand featured, has been paid for their products too :)

Kindly note, no discount codes nor referral codes are valid on our 2020 Advent Calendar 

All products featured will be available to buy on our website soon & Christmas themed ones will be available when we launch Christmas on our website. 

Products are subject to change. We have no plans for this happening but we wanted to pop it just in case Covid-19 causes any issues for the Brands we are featuring.

Countries which are not allowed food to be sent will have those products swapped for alternative non food items. 

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