Love Absolute-Blue Moon Facial Cleansing Bar

Designer: Love Absolute


Non drying for delicate facial skin, hair and beard.  

Guaranteed to last longer than a bottles of liquid cleanser and be equally gentle, for cleansing facial skin daily.

Will help restore the skins natural vibrancy after the effects of city pollution and fumes by its deep cleansing and calming actions from Fine Sea Clay and Butterfly Pea antioxidant . 

Key Natural ingredients:

Lemongrass & Lavender Organic, Colloidal Oats, Colloidal Sea Clay, Elderberry Seed Oil and Butterfly Pea Antioxidant. 

Packed with oat silk protein that can repair delicate facial skin and Aquamarine ocean glacial clay, that has very fine particles that emulsify dirt from the skin and pores, improving micro circulation. 

Elderberry Seed Oil is extra nourishing and repairing for dry skin conditions as well as to help moisturise normal skin. 

Organic Lavender and Lemongrass compliment each other subtly within this rich blue green combination with soothing butterfly pea antioxidant.

Trimmed with loose clay   

Packed in a convenient travel tin. Plastic free.  Re use or recycle tin.



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