Noisy Snacks-Roasted Peanuts | Pickled Onion

Designer: Noisy Snacks


Munch. Crunch. Silence. For being such a noisy flavour, our Pickled Onion Peanuts leave many hungry snackers speechless. Air roasting our quality nuts marinades each kernel for a full-bodied flavour trapping flavour inside the crunch

Source of Protein, Good Fats and 100% Recyclable Pouch Packs.


Nutritional Information 

Calories 1081kJ/261kcal
Fat 20.7g
Of which Saturated 3.5g
Carbohydrates 6.3g
Fibre 3.6g
Salt 1.2g
Sugar 3.8g
Protein 10.4g


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